It’s Time For Our Governments To Act!

Advanced glucose monitoring devices can improve the health and safety of many people with diabetes. But coverage for these devices is insufficient across Canada. Send a letter today calling on your provincial government to provide coverage for Flash and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and give many people with diabetes the opportunity to live safer, longer lives.

Canada urgently needs a diabetes strategy

Since 2013, Canada has been without a strategy for diabetes or targets to help address the epidemic. Diabetes 360° is a comprehensive strategy that will address key needs for Canadians with or at risk of developing diabetes. We are asking federal election candidates from all parties to commit to supporting a strategy that will dramatically reduce diabetes in Canada and save our health-care system over $20 billion.

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Diabetes is everyone's problem. Stand up and help us solve it.

Diabetes is a disease that impacts the lives of millions of Canadians. Without a comprehensive strategy, diabetes will continue to rise and take lives of family members and loved ones. It also effects us all. Diabetes costs our health-care system over $27 billion a year. By reducing diabetes, we are not only saving lives, but saving Canadian health-care. Are you ready to add your name and support the strategy?



Canadians die of diabetes-related complications every day
That's over 7,200 Canadians a year


Canadians are diagnosed with this devastating disease every day
That's over 226,000 Canadians a year


Canadians have a lower limb amputation because of diabetes every day
That's over 5,000 amputations a year


is spent by our health care system treating diabetes every day
That's over $29 billion spent a year

The numbers are startling, but there is hope. A $150 million investment will save $20 billion in health-care costs and reduce over 770,000 new cases of diabetes in Canada in just 7 years. This small step will help save the lives of our family and friends. So join thousands of Canadians now and tell your local candidates to support the Diabetes 360° strategy.

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Why Canada needs a Diabetes strategy
Without diabetes, I wouldn’t have developed the confidence to advocate for myself and others.
Oria J.
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See how Diabetes 360° helps Canadian families like yours.

770,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes
245,000 fewer hospitalizations
34,000 fewer leg amputations
$20 billion+ tax dollars saved
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Ready for flight

February 22, 2019
On February 11, 2019, 22-year-old Austen McDonald made history. He became the first Canadian with type 1 diabetes to receive a medical certificate from Transport Canada, allowing him to fly commercially.
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Supporting a strategy to end the diabetes epidemic

November 27, 2018
Dustin Thorsten is a diabetes advocate who lives in Winnipeg. He participated in the Diabetes 360° advisory panel along with more than 100 groups and individuals from across Canada.Below, Dustin recounts the story of his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and why he supports a national strategy to end diabetes.
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It’s time for our provincial governments to act! Send a letter today calling on your provincial government to provide coverage of Flash and CGM devices so people with diabetes who will benefit can live safer, longer lives.
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