Canada needs a nation-wide diabetes strategy now

Join thousands of Canadians who are calling on the government to address the diabetes epidemic that is costing millions of Canadian lives and bankrupting our health-care system.

Canada urgently needs a diabetes strategy

Since 2013, Canada has been without a strategy for diabetes or targets to help address the epidemic. Diabetes 360° is a comprehensive strategy that will address key needs for Canadians with or at risk of developing diabetes. We are asking federal election candidates from all parties to commit to supporting a strategy that will dramatically reduce diabetes in Canada and save our health-care system over $20 billion.

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Diabetes is everyone's problem. Stand up and help us solve it.

Diabetes is a disease that impacts the lives of millions of Canadians. Without a comprehensive strategy, diabetes will continue to rise and take lives of family members and loved ones. It also effects us all. Diabetes costs our health-care system over $27 billion a year. By reducing diabetes, we are not only saving lives, but saving Canadian health-care. Are you ready to add your name and support the strategy?



Canadians die of diabetes-related complications every day
That's over 7,200 Canadians a year


Canadians are diagnosed with this devastating disease every day
That's over 226,000 Canadians a year


Canadians have a lower limb amputation because of diabetes every day
That's over 5,000 amputations a year


is spent by our health care system treating diabetes every day
That's over $29 billion spent a year

The numbers are startling, but there is hope. A $150 million investment will save $20 billion in health-care costs and reduce over 770,000 new cases of diabetes in Canada in just 7 years. This small step will help save the lives of our family and friends. So join thousands of Canadians now and tell your local candidates to support the Diabetes 360° strategy.

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Why Canada needs a Diabetes strategy
Diabetes is full of surprises, and managing the disease is all about adapting.
Alan M.
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See how Diabetes 360° helps Canadian families like yours.

770,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes
245,000 fewer hospitalizations
34,000 fewer leg amputations
$20 billion+ tax dollars saved
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February 22, 2019
On February 11, 2019, 22-year-old Austen McDonald made history. He became the first Canadian with type 1 diabetes to receive a medical certificate from Transport Canada, allowing him to fly commercially.
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Supporting a strategy to end the diabetes epidemic

November 27, 2018
Dustin Thorsten is a diabetes advocate who lives in Winnipeg. He participated in the Diabetes 360° advisory panel along with more than 100 groups and individuals from across Canada.Below, Dustin recounts the story of his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and why he supports a national strategy to end diabetes.
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We need a national strategy now to address this epidemic that is costing millions of Canadians their lives and bankrupting our health-care system. If you agree, send a letter to your MP today!
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