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Ready for flight

February 22, 2019
On February 11, 2019, 22-year-old Austen McDonald made history. He became the first Canadian with type 1 diabetes to receive a medical certificate from Transport Canada, allowing him to fly commercially.
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Supporting a strategy to end the diabetes epidemic

November 27, 2018
Dustin Thorsten is a diabetes advocate who lives in Winnipeg. He participated in the Diabetes 360° advisory panel along with more than 100 groups and individuals from across Canada.Below, Dustin recounts the story of his diagnosis with type 1 diabetes and why he supports a national strategy to end diabetes.
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National strategy needed to tackle Canada's diabetes epidemic

October 18, 2018
Today, one in three Canadians lives with prediabetes or diabetes. More than half of the Canadians who are 20 years old today will develop the disease in their lifetime.
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Looking forward to a cure

June 26, 2018
Andrew Peart and his nine-year-old daughter, Zori-Lee (Zori, for short), are alike. Some people even say she's like his twin. But it’s more than their physical resemblance: they both live with type 1 diabetes and were both diagnosed at the age of five.
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Live a day with type 1 diabetes

November 20, 2017
Within a year of being diagnosed, Karen Kemp became a volunteer with Diabetes Canada. In 2011, she received the National Volunteer of the Year award. She became an advocate and a delegate, giving presentations to government and other groups on living with diabetes. Karen co-founded the support group Diabetes Action Network, and produced and hosted a Rogers TV series called “80,000 & Counting” in recognition of the more than 80,000 people with diabetes in the Ottawa area where she lives.
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