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I felt helpless when my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and it took me several years to fully grasp what we were dealing with.

Judy F.

Diabetes is full of surprises, and managing the disease is all about adapting.

Alan M.

Without diabetes, I wouldn’t have developed the confidence to advocate for myself and others.

Oria J.

My time with type 1 has been difficult partly because of how hard a time I had getting my diagnosis, to poking myself with needles eight or more times a day.

Dustin T.

Due to my diabetes complications, I’ve been going for kidney dialysis three times a week. This is a personal and financial burden.

Mitch B.

Diabetes advocacy is what keeps my spirit healthy.

Deanna R.

Diabetes has given me much more than it has taken away, and I want to encourage youth with type 1 diabetes to reach for the stars.

Heather H.

For me, it’s about helping others with diabetes, from getting funding to living healthy lives, to creating diabetes awareness.

Siva S.

Volunteering has helped me cope as a mother of a child with diabetes, as a person with diabetes, and as a family living with diabetes.

Dawn G.

My struggle with obesity and diabetes has been challenging. It wasn't until I took responsibility for myself and my disease that life started to change.

Rainier W.

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